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Making a Difference Every Day

Making a Difference Every Day

Lynda Hall
Lynda Hall

The local economy is looking up! Providing employment for our job seekers and allowing EA Staffing to meet the workforce needs of our customers.

Finding a job makes a tremendous difference in a person’s life. Just ask Lynda Hall and Thomas Powers. Lynda, who works in food services at I.U. Health hospital, states “I love my job. I really appreciate the opportunity I.U. Health and EA Staffing have given me.”

Thomas Powers and family

Thomas Powers remarked, “It is important for me to have a job so I can provide for my family. EA Staffing found me a permanent job over a year ago working the second shift. When I needed a little extra, they found me a great part time job. Everyone at EA Staffing has been very supportive and great to work with.”

Your Support Benefits Wabash Center Programs
Each time we fill a staffing need at EA Staffing, your support allows us to provide services to adults and children with disabilities within our community. Each dollar of profit goes to programs at Wabash Center and Greenbush Industries which provide employment opportunities for our individuals with special needs.

When you have a staffing need; not only are you getting an employee to fill your position, but you are supporting your community. A true WIN, WIN for all.



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