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Value of Staffing Services

The Right Person for the JobWhy Use A Staffing Firm?

Utilizing temporary staffing can be effective as part of an overall strategy to manage your employee costs, risk, and fluctuating workforce requirements. Staffing firms find qualified employees, lower your total labor costs, and help maintain overall productivity.

Find the Right Candidate
* Effectively evaluate and screen large pool of candidates, freeing internal HR staff for other tasks
* Established processes for doing background checks, drug screens and pre-employment testing
* Minimizes risk of making a bad hiring decision

Flexibility—Only Who You Need, When You Need Them
* Quickly adjust to changes in manpower requirements
* Avoid lay-offs of full time employees
* Handle spikes in demand without adding to direct head count

Offset Employee Costs
* Reduce costs for health benefits, worker’s comp and unemployment insurance
* Fixed costs of full time employees are converted to variable expenses for temporary workers
* Internal administration costs are reduced
* Eliminate overtime costs through the use of temporary labor

Wabash Center Greenbush Ind. EmployeeThe Extra E.A. Staffing Service Value
E.A. Staffing Service’s profits go to support the Wabash Center and its many programs that enhance the lives of individuals with special needs. Every dime benefits someone in our local community.

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