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Employers in Lafayette, Ind., are seeking applicants for a range of jobs, particularly in the industrial sector.

“Long known for our high employment rates and diverse manufacturing base, Lafayette has always had a strong industrial base, and now we’re experiencing a growth in prime jobs in advanced manufacturing,” said the Manager of EA Staffing.

“Every day, this community is producing automobiles, truck trailers, large engines, fructose corn syrup, pharmaceuticals, gears and more,” according to the Manager. “We’ve got jobs to fill now and more coming. And many entry-level jobs offer benefits as well as opportunities for increased pay and responsibilities.”

Already in 2011, local manufacturers have announced 1,232 new jobs, including 200 that will soon be needed at an aluminum plant now under construction.

“This is a great time to consider a short commute to Lafayette, Ind., or even a move,” the Manager said. “Lafayette’s cost of living is affordable, public schools are well-rated, public transportation available, and we’re a regional health care hub, which is also experiencing job growth. Training and education opportunities, too, are available at Ivy Tech Community College and Purdue University.”

EA Staffing Services is a division of Wabash Center, a nonprofit social service agency. EA Staffing links qualified employees and employers. Its profits benefit people with special needs served by Wabash Center.

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