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Fewer Applicants To Fill Your Positions?
Finding it a challenge to hire employees who are reliable, dependable, diligent, show initiative and are great leaders and great followers? As local business hiring continues to pick up there seems to be fewer applicants that fit our hiring criteria and available to fill our positions.

So where can we look to locate prospective employees that may not have the traditional work experience or skills we are seeking. Individuals for instance who have great skills but no experience in your industry. Or applicants with a solid education, but it is in the “wrong” field. And then there are those whose current or prior jobs lack sufficient “status” or experience.

Looking Outside the Norm
Consultant Jeff Haden suggests that you look for qualified candidates within applicant pools that may be a little out of the norm. This includes those changing careers, former military, those whose current jobs lack status, and young people.

Uncovering Hidden Talents
Prospects that are changing careers often have experience working with people and skills that are transferable to your positions. Those who have served in our armed forces understand leadership, how to accomplish tasks and to take responsibility. Even those who may appear to be working in more menial roles are developing customer service skills and learning to pay attention to details. Granted younger workers often lack experience, but they also have a desire to learn and contribute. This energy can often create a more positive work environment.

Finding the ideal employee is always a challenge. That’s why looking at candidates from a more varied applicant pool might just lead you to your next “super star”.


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