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Bringing New Employees Into Your Organization
Onboarding New EmployeesHow well do you bring new employees into your organization? The effectiveness of your approach can cut the cost of hiring significantly and allow a new employee to become more productive, more quickly. Those employees who learn the values of your organization and its mission, along with the day to day expectations of their new roles, are less likely to leave and will contribute more readily to your operation.

Don’t Overlook the Onboarding Process
Too often, employers ignore the importance of onboarding and orientation programs, focusing on just getting them through the initial paperwork and letting them know “not what to do”. In a survey conducted earlier this year by Accountemps, 34% of the respondents did not have a formal orientation for new hires.

Spelling Out Expectations
A key benefit of onboarding is making sure expectations of the new hire are spelled out. This can give them a clearer sense of their role in the company and how they can add value. It can also help new employees adjust by being more familiar with what others are doing.

Developing An Onboarding Program
For those without a formal onboarding process, or who believe their program has grown a little stale, putting together a new hire approach can pay dividends in lowering turnover and increasing productivity.

Lilith Christiansen, co-author of Successful Onboarding, recommends a “four pillar” approach to onboarding programs:

* Interpersonal network development — helping new hires establish relationships with people internal and external to the organization who can help them succeed in their role.

* Culture — helping new hires get an introduction to the values of the organization.

* Strategy immersion and direction — providing instructive insight around the broader strategies of the organization and how the employee’s role impacts the organization’s success.

* Early success — providing new hires with the right type of assignments, remediation and insulation around the work that they do that helps them gain early successes.

According to Christiansen, the most effective onboarding programs have a degree of customization involved so that different populations of new hires may receive different types of onboarding and support, i.e., new college graduates versus executive hires, or workers engaged in sales versus manufacturing.

Time To Get Onboard
Now that hiring has begun to increase locally, this is the time to make sure your onboarding process and orientation programs are ready to go. Focus on those aspects that increase retention and improve productivity and you’ll inspire your newest employees to jump in with both feet and stick around for the long haul.


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