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Each company has its own challenges, but there are common trends.

imagesTop Employees Are Leaving
One trend that companies are starting to see is their top employees are leaving for other opportunities. With the economy improving, many of your top people are beginning to look, or are being recruited by other firms. Employers will need to identify key employees from entry-level to upper-level management and take the appropriate steps to retain these individuals. Sometimes its money, but more often than not, many employees just feel under-appreciated.

Requests for Nontraditional Benefits
Another challenge is that more employees are requesting nontraditional workplace benefits, such as flex time and telecommuting. As today’s workforce seeks to build flexibility into their schedules to accommodate work and other obligations, allowing employees to work from home and more flexible schedules is appealing. But as we saw with Yahoo President Marissa Mayer’s decision to eliminate working from home, there is a feeling that too much flexibility can hinder corporate effectiveness.

Finding Skilled Workers
We continue to hear that finding skilled workers is a challenge. And as our more experienced workers reach retirement age, finding capable replacements is critical. Some reports have Baby Boomers entering retirement at a rate of 6,000 to 10,000 people a day for the next 16 or 17 years. Regardless if it is 6,000 or 10,000 this leaves a large number of positions to fill. If our incoming workforce lacks the proper skills and education that our businesses require, we will all struggle to find sufficient qualified workers.

EA Staffing Services Can Help
There are certainly other challenges out there. Implementing the Affordable Healthcare Act, dealing with immigration reform, and keeping up with technology are just a few more. As you address these issues, recognize that many of these challenges are shared by others in the HR profession. So if we can help in any way, please give us a call.


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