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Customer Surveys

Customers Rate EA Staffing Service

Customer Surveys Provide Valuable Feedback
Customer Survey FormGetting customer input on potential areas of improvement has been important in refining our daily operations and elevating our overall customer service levels. EA Staffing Service surveys our customers each quarter to obtain this feedback.

Key Areas Of Focus
Our surveys address four key areas:

* Degree of cooperation and flexible service received from our staff 

* Meeting expectations on the time required to complete an order 

Customer Comments* Level of professionalism from our staff 

* Overall experience working with EA Staffing Service

EA Staffing Services consistently receives high marks (86% – 100%) in the categories surveyed.

Survey Data Benchmarks Performance
With this information EA Staffing Service identifies areas of improvement; provides an opportunity to receive customer comments; measures our progress; and keeps us compliant with our high standards. Our Manager notes, “That our surveys encourage feedback that we might not receive otherwise. It lets us know if we are providing quality services and meeting our customer’s expectations.”

Customer Input Is Appreciated At Anytime
We would encourage our customers to send us comments at anytime. You don’t have to wait for a survey. Please contact us at 765-420-1414 or email Jennifer Moreland at


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