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EA Staffing’s Expectations

What to expect when applying at EA Staffing

Job InterviewEvery staffing agency has its own unique process that applicants have to go through when applying for jobs. Some may have more lengthy processes than others, but each agency has a certain way that they sort through perspective job applicants. EA Staffing is no different. We have our own procedures and policies that we follow to help expedite the interview process and match our employers with the most qualified applicant.

Submit An Application
The first thing all perspective employees must do is submit an online application. The application can be accessed from the EA Staffing website, or it is also available on the computers located in the EA Staffing lobby.

The application is relatively brief and asks for basic background information such as work history, contact information, education, etc.  Once the application has been received, we will review the application to determine if we would like to conduct an interview. We typically conduct interviews Monday-Friday from 8:00-10:00 a.m. and 1:00-3:00 p.m.

IMG_7917EA Staffing Interview
An interview with EA Staffing should be approached the same as any other interview. It is very important that applicants show up on time, well groomed, and dressed for success. First impressions count with us the same as they would with any other company.

EA Staffing may be a staffing service, but it is still a job interview, and we are seeking employees who are prompt, reliable, and who present themselves in a professional manner. There is no need to show up in a suit and tie, but we want to see candidates who care enough about the interview to properly prepare for it.

Placed On “Hot List”
Once an applicant has interviewed, they will typically be placed on what is called the “Hot List.” This is the list that our placement specialists will search through each time they have new job openings. There are hundreds of applicants on file with EA Staffing. It is impossible for us to know who is still looking for work unless the applicants call us to let us know, so the list just tells us who is still available to work. Job candidates should call once a week to stay on the hot list; otherwise they may not be contacted for employment.

Providing The Most Qualified Candidates
It is important to understand that employment through EA Staffing is not guaranteed. It is our job to provide the most qualified candidates to our customers, and that is exactly what we strive to do. And while we would love to be able to place every single applicant, that would be impossible. In the meantime, polish up those résumés, submit those applications, and remember to be nice to the receptionist!


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