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Tips For Job Seekers

Job Hunting Tips

Job Hunting_ Tip #1     Put together a complete resume that emphasizes your work skills and work history.

Tip #2    Let others know you are looking for work. The more people who are aware that you are seeking a job, the better the chances are someone will contact you. Put in applications at multiple staffing services.

Tip #3     On interviews be prompt, prepared and dressed appropriately. Not being on time for an interview will leave the impression that you won’t be on time for work. Being prepared means having a copy of your resume with you, a pen and pad of paper, and some prepared questions about the job opening. And finally, you don’t have to wear a coat and tie to an interview, but you do need to be dressed in casual business attire. This means a nice pair of slacks or jeans and a shirt, top or sweater that gives a professional appearance. We suggest no hats and the amount of jewelry worn should be limited.

Tip #4    Be upbeat and positive in your job search. Talk about the things you enjoyed about your last job and minimize comments about things you disliked. Even when they ask the question about what parts of your job you didn’t like, keep the answer positive. Everyone wants an employee who will bring a positive attitude to the workplace.

Tip #5    Be honest. If you are asked a question if you have a specific skill, be honest if you don’t. You can always elaborate that you are a quick learner and give an example of a situation in which you learned something quickly.

Dress for Success

We have all heard the saying, “Dress for success,” at least once in our lives. But what does it really mean? In a short article on,, by Alison Doyle, the practice of dressing for an interview is outlined.

Dress up, not down for an interview.
One of the most important things to remember is when going to a first, second, or eighth interview is: What is the appropriate dress for the job?  At every job whether it is working at a dry cleaner or an administrative position always dress up, business casual.  This doesn’t mean if you are working in a factory that you must. It is important that the potential employers take you seriously. Professional dress is one of the ways to leave a great first impression.

If it is difficult or out of the question to dress business casual, then choose the next best option: nice pants, clean shirt, appropriate hem lines, all of these are must-haves in an interview outfit. The best way to decide if your interview outfit is appropriate and worthy of landing you that dream job is to ask yourself, “Would I hire me in the outfit?” suggests certain attire for women and men.

Women should consider wearing:
• Solid color, conservative suit
• Coordinated blouse
• Moderate shoes
• Limited jewelry
• Neat, professional hairstyle
• Tan or light hosiery
• Sparse make-up & perfume
• Manicured nails
• Portfolio or briefcase

Men search your closets for:
• Solid color, conservative suit
• White long sleeve shirt
• Conservative tie
• Dark socks, professional shoes
• Very limited jewelry
• Neat, professional hairstyle
• Go easy on the aftershave
• Neatly trimmed nails
• Portfolio or briefcase

Quick Tips To Make Your Resume Standout

Whether entering for the first time or returning to the job market, there is one daunting task that we all must accomplish. Yes, I am talking about completing a resume. In the beginning resumes do require time and effort but once you have put in the hard work you will have a great step in getting the perfect job for you!

What’s Your Job Goal
The first tip when creating a resume is to know what goal you want to achieve. Whether you’re looking for a part time job to help supplement your income or to find that perfect long term career, having a structured and well-thought out resume is the way to get your name on the top of the list!

Find the Right Look
Another tip for building a resume is to research, research, research. It sounds simple but use Google, Yahoo, Bing, or whatever your favorite search engine may be. There are millions of websites that give great resume templates to use for free!

Shoot For A One Page Resume
Here are a couple simple tips that go a long way in creating a professional resume. First, use the same verb tense in the entire resume. This makes the paragraphs flow easily. Secondly, resumes usually take up 1-2 pages. This makes it easy to read for the potential company hiring you. They want to know about you as easy and quick as possible. So you need to catch their eye quick!

Skills + Outcome
The last tip in making the perfect resume for you is to be concise. With resumes it is important to get your point across in an easy to read format. Instead of using excessive words to take up space, use sentences that state skills you used in previous jobs or work experience and state what was accomplished from those skills. An easy way to remember this: what skill did I use + what was the outcome of this skill. For example, in serving/restaurant experience you might say: Coordinated steps of meals to generate a well-timed meal. The under lined section is what skill is used and the bold section is the outcome of the skill.

Once you have your resume completed, the hard part is over! All you have to do is add to it whenever you gain more experience towards your career goals.




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